Supply Chain Management (SCM) Consulting

Your contractor compliance, safety, HR & Dot specialist

Enhance, Simplify and Streamline your Supply chain Management (SCM) app. system

CONTRACTOR COMPLIANCE: We assist contractors with enrollment or use of the multiple contractor compliance systems – also called the “SCM” application tools – such as: ISNETWORLD , AVETTA,/BROWZ, VERIFORCE, COMPLYWORKS, PEC PREMIER, ENERGY WORLDNET AND RIGUP

TRAINING: Assist companies needing to turn to an expert in OSHA, HR and DOT regulations

FACILITY / JOB SITE AUDITS: We help with audits and identify compliance gaps at your facility, job site and in the policies and procedures. Most common audits: DOT, OSHA and HR

CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Advise employers through OSHA, HR, DOT and customer crisis

POLICY / PROCEDURE MANUALS: Providing decades of experience developing policies and procedures to help business manage the employee life cycle and regulatory obligation

RECRUITING:  Provide decades of experience recruiting safety, HR and DOT compliance specialists

As a Business Owner, You Need
Answers to the What If's

What if the worst-case scenario occurs?

What if I can’t meet or don’t understand my regulatory requirements?

What if a regulatory agency starts an investigation?

What if my business can’t provide a compliant certificate of insurance?

What if my business can’t find a service to reduce our workers comp. EMR factor?

What if my business receives a citation?

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